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SUGAR BODY  All Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Services
Sugar Body 2360 Sweet Home Rd Ste #6 West Amherst, New York 14228 (716) 626-4980 

All Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Services
Body Sugaring Hair Removal, 1st in USA
also Spray Tanning

100% Natural Hair Removal for Face and Brows

Body Sugaring for FACE - Lip, Chin, Jaw, Cheeks, Neck 

Perfect Brows

Smooth Face


One Area           $15              

Two Areas          $20                        

Three Areas       $30                       

Four Areas         $35                      

Full Face            $50

Brows made perfect

Eyebrows      $15 - $20

Body Sugaring for FACE - Brow, Neck, Lip, Chin, Jaw 

100% Natural & Organic Hair Removal