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All Eco-Friendly 100% Organic Services
Body Sugaring Hair Removal, 1st in USA
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Natural Hair Removal

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Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Benefits of Sugaring: 

  • Clients will notice their hair becoming fine and sparse
  • There will be bare spots where the hair follicle has collapsed
  • Hair will start to grow at the same rate leaving the appearance of a clean, hair-free       look for a longer period of time
  • Re-growth will seem to happen overnight, right before your next appointment
  • Return treatments can be made whenever you feel there is too much hair
  • Sugaring is more tolerable than waxing and does not adhere to skin like wax will
Before & After Care

Before First Treatment:

  • An average of 2 weeks of hair growth is needed 
  • 2 weeks of growth is not needed for the face area
  • Do not tan or use body lotions 24 hours before or after treatment

After Treatment:
  • Men's backs - A clean white T-shirt must be put on immediately after
  • Soak in a warm bath for 15 minutes with 1/2 cup of Epson salts for the next 3 nights
  • Additional personalized after treatment advice will be given during your appointment


Clean up that Bikini with Body Sugaring Hair Removal


1 Regular                           $30 up                    
2 Landing Strip                 $40 up
3 Thong                             $50 up                                        
4 Brazilian                         $60 up                    


    Full                         $35     

    Half                        $20 


Back/Chest                $65+ each                 

Clean those legs with Body Sugaring Hair Removal


Half                                  $50                           

Full                                   $70                           

Clean from head to toes with Body Sugaring Hair Removal

Hands/Feet                     $15 each                  


Maintenance         $15.00

Sculpting               $25.00

Lip, Chin, Jaw, Cheeks, Neck 

1 Area                  $15.00

2 Areas                $20.00

3 Areas                $30.00

4 Areas                $35.00

Full Face              $50.00


Underarms           $28.00